Struggling With Rejection & Loneliness in Coronavirus Outbreak?

By- Khushbu Bhatia

Date- 1 May 2021

I don’t think I have to tell you what loneliness does to your mind & body if you are dealing with it, nobody knows better than you. Life can never be smooth your current state of mind is a blend of everything which happened in the past. Everything comes together with your former decisions, mistakes, regrets & what personality you hold makes a hole in your mind withdrawing further away from friends and family making you lonelier. Loneliness is not a mental health issue, but it can become a reason for several health issues due to stress. “Okay, I finally said that!”

The first step towards changing anything in life is accepting the reality of it, relax and admit that things have been hitting your mind. The idea which makes it worst is when people start believing things will remain consistent and it will never change & you will live all your life with this. Understand and analyse your behaviour identify the negative thinking pattern, which keeps you imprisoned break free of that pattern to feel better. Write your issues focus on the present and not associate them with your past, don’t forget you are human and you are learning and growing everyday, break the pattern of rumination.Rumination means not simply seeing the negative, but constantly feeling them. Whether you get lost on the big issues (a divorce) or maybe the smaller one (lame joke made on you), dwelling assures that you are living in those extremely or perceived moments of vulnerability frequently. “What ever comes let it come, What ever stays let it stay and What goes let go.” Anonymous.

The second step is mindfulness which is being aware of your mind and body to learn that thoughts are not facts and they are uninvited fantasies about future or partial assumptions.You cannot control your thoughts but you can help yourself to be aware that thoughts are playing with your mind and just disturbing your current life situation making it worst. We blame society for being harsh and judgemental but did you ever notice you have been judging yourself and how unrelenting you are becoming each day? Sometimes, it is even more difficult to forgive yourself than other people but forgiveness can set you free.

The trick of loneliness and rejection is it plays with your mind makes you believe you are the only one dealing with this, but the harsh truth of life is everybody is fighting with their battle in this difficult time. So hold on to it and gather yourself “You are not alone.”